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Ambiente Models - Quick Pick
Basic Junior Power-Steam Cappuccino 2-Series

Ambiente-2 Super Automatic Espresso Machine


The Ambiente-2 has been replaced by the ART product line !


Based on our best seller, the Ambiente super automatic espresso machine, the new improved 2-Series offers truly impressive milk performance. Quality that delights specialty coffee connoisseurs all over the world.

The Ambiente-2 is available with an endless list of options and combination. We'll analyze your needs and customize the machine to your specific requirements.

Features and Options:
  • Single Step Cappuccino and Latte Foamer Head

  • More Milk Please...

The new foamer head features two independent systems, one for hot foam (Cappuccino) and one for hot milk (Latte or Hot Chocolate) guaranteed HOT...
The new double cappuccino foamer head will dispense cappuccinos directly into two cups at a time.

  • A Hygienic Solution...

The 2-Series Espresso Machines feature a fully automatic integrated milk sanitizing system. The tubings and the foamer head are rinsed automatically from within the refrigerator. Bacteria growth is eliminated guaranteeing a high quality beverage around the clock, putting a smile on your customers face (...and the health inspector).

  • Integrated Refrigerator

The model Ambiente-2 with the built-in refrigerator and the single step cappuccino foamer head, is the most popular super automatic cappuccino machine. The refrigerator keeps up to 4 litres of fresh milk chilled. Health inspectors love this feature.
Dispensing cappuccino by the touch of a button has never been easier thanks to the single step cappuccino foamer head. Just place a cup underneath the spout, push a button and the machine takes care of the rest. It will grind whole beans, compress the grounds, brew the espresso, foam fresh milk which is drawn from the built-in refrigerator and discharge the used grounds into a bin.
  • Integrated Grinders

The Ambiente is available with two (2) integrated grinders for two different whole bean blends / roasts. Take advantage of the blending feature between the grinders. For example 30% from one and 70% from the other grinder to get an all new blend and beverage characteristics.
Standard capacity is 500 gram. The been hoppers can be extended in 1kg increments.
  • Italian Design Bean Hoppers

Available now with the new Italian Style Bean Hoppers.
  • Chip Card Control

The model Ambiente-2 comes with a built-in chip card system. Each machine comes with a chef card. With this card you can gain access to valuable sales statistics. Find out how many cappuccinos have been sold on a daily, monthly and yearly base.
Important parameters such as strength and cup size can be modified with the use of the chef card.
By incorporating the waiter card system you can limit the access to the machine to those carrying the card only and even track sales by waiters.
The machines can be set up to accept pre-paid money debit cards only. Ideal for offices and self service applications.
  • Panel Lay-Out

The new improved panel is clearly laid out for easy operation. Large push button labels enable the Ambiente-2 to be used in self serve applications!

The 8 dual function push buttons increase the product variation possible for preparing an endless list of beverages.

  • Heated Cup Storage Unit


Often ignored. When serving espresso in a china cup, it is crucial to pre-heat the cup! Keep in mind that one once of espresso is being poured into a china weighing in at up to 5 ounces!

Use the matching cup warmer to guaranty the espresso is still hot by the time the beverage reaches the customer!

A cup storage unit with 3 heated shelves, matching the Ambiente-2 and Ambiente-1 design, is available. It will hold approximately 60 cups.

In the quest for a high quality beverage, using pre-heated cups will make a difference.

We also have a more generic cup warmer with two heated shelves available.

  • Vending Systems

The model Ambiente-2  can be equipped with various vending systems.
Most popular credit options are chip card loading station, token tester and coin operated systems.
Please call to find out more about these systems.
Note that both models have built in chip card readers. The machines can be set up to accept pre-paid money debit cards only. Ideal for offices and self service applications.
  • Cart and Mobile Applications

The model Ambiente-2 is totally independent from water supply. The machine has a built-in water pump.

The pictures shows the model Ambiente-2 on a Cart with integrated Fresh and Waste Water Tanks.

The machine will also draw water from a remote water tank. This is very practical for cart applications.

We have various Carts available, just ask.

Pick the Ambiente Model that's right for you

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Ambiente-2 Series          
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