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Before you contact us please read:


We will not reply to any inquiries if you don't provide us with:

- Your Name
- City
- Province/State
- Country
- Describe exactly what you're needs are

if you're concerned, read our privacy policy

  • Canadian Businesses:

Generally all our products on this web-site are available in most provinces. We will reply to your request and try to help you in finding the best solution and support to meet your needs.

  • US Business

The only products available in the US are:

All Home use Espresso Machines including:

Opal Espresso Machine
Siena Espresso Machine
Accessories and Supplies

Commercial Schaerer Espresso Machines

1. Ambiente Junior Espresso Machine
2. Ambiente Power Steam Espresso Machine
3. Coffee ART Espresso Machine
3. E6 modular Espresso Machines

  • International

We may be able to help you if you describe exactly what your needs are and you provide us with all your contact information. Inquiries may be forwarded to our international business partners.

Where to Buy Products

Please go to our On-Line Retailer Espresso Planet to Buy our Products:

Contact Us

If you need technical assistance on your equipment, please contact your local support center. 

1.  By Mail:

Supramatic Inc.
1020 Brevik Place; Unit 2
Mississauga, Ontario
L4W 4N7             CANADA


2. By E-Mail:

Commercial Inquiries use: schaerer101 AT

3. By Phone:

Tel:            905-279-3666

Toll Free:   1-877-465-2883 (1-877-Go-Latte)

Hours of Operation Mon-Fri 10am to 5pm EST

find out what time it is in Toronto

Thank you for your understanding. We try everything in our power to help you in a timely manner. Please understand, we get hundreds of e-mail every day with e-mails without specifying what the needs are, where the location is or what products are needed.... we can't answer those.

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