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Coffee Press

Bean to Cup

Bean to Cup Coffee on Demand
Fresh Coffee tastes best when it is made using freshly ground beans – exactly the way that the Coffee Press does it! The perfect cup or larger volumes of coffee can be prepared at high-speed: 0.5 litres of coffee can be brewed in just 65 seconds. Thus filling up a large mug or thermal jug is just a matter of moments. Furthermore the optional badge brewing arm allows dispensing of coffee into large urns or thermal servers. Whether it is used as additional equipment for a Schaerer specialty espresso machine, to make coffee for breakfast or to provide coffee for large meetings and many guests, the Coffee Press ensures the outstanding coffee experience.
Optional Batch Brewing Arm
Grind and brew straight into the cup in seconds. Or, the optional brewing arm accommodates batch brewing into carafes, satellites and thermal servers for unsurpassed flexibility and value.  The Schaerer Coffee Press can replace or enhance your existing coffee program with unrivalled efficiency and the first genuinely new approach to coffee brewing in years.  No exotic glass tubes or pour overs for the same old flavor profile here.  If you’re just starting out, the Schaerer Coffee Press offers a truly unique opportunity to offer something unlike your customers have experienced before.  Aromatic, smooth and ground fresh for each serving.  It doesn’t get any fresher than that.          
5 Button Operator Panel
Menu flexibility and customizeable
• Simple user interface.
• Up to 5 customizable buttons
• Plus DECAF modifier
Operational Advantages
• One touch operation for easy brewing
• Fast delivery of 60 x 16oz beverages per hour
• Disposable milk frother avoids common milk performance issues
• Up to two milk types
• Minimal training required
• Fast Easy-to-follow animated automatic cleaning instructions (5 minutes)
• Flexible self-serve or staff attended setup
• Two separate coffee grinders allow for 2 coffee flavours (typically regular and decaf)
• No waste - Never dump a stale pot of coffee again
Capacity and specifications
• 60 drinks per hour (16oz / 0.5L cup)
• 8 Gallons per hour
• 208V / 20A single phase
12.75"W x 22"D x 27"H
Self Serve Applications

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