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Siena-2  (1-Step)
Ultra One Touch Cappuccino


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Quick Links:

- Cleaning Supplies
- Spare Parts

The Schaerer Siena-2 Super Automatic Espresso Machine is packed with features at an affordable price:

- 5 selection buttons
- Pre-selection for double
- Pre-selection grinder by-pass
- One touch cappuccino
- Digital display

Thanks to the new CPU-Platform, the Siena offers limitless possibilities for distributors and coffee roasters, taking full control of the programmability and limit access to certain features.






Please click here to order other Siena models...


Operator Panel



Standard Button Assignment:

  1. Espresso
  2. Double Espresso
  3. Long Espresso
  4. Cappuccino
  5. Hot Water

If you want any other configuration, please let us know (ex. one button for milk foam only)




The Siena-2 can be ordered in a variety of Versions:

Pick the Siena-2 Model that's right for you

Optional Steam Wand () () () ()
Single Step Cappuccino
2.5L Internal Water Tank    
Optional External Water Tank Kit ()   ()  
110 Volt - 15A    
220 Volt - 20A    



  • On-Screen Programming
- Cup Size
- Strength
- Milk Foam Amount
- First Milk, First Espresso or Simultaneous
- Water Temperature
- Pre-Brew
- Product Counters
- Descaling, Auto-Off, Rinse, Cleaning


  • Extended Programming

Connect to a PC via RS232 for extended programming (only for distributors)

- Product Button Assignment
- Max Coffee Boiler Temperature
- Max Steam Boiler Temperature
- Tamping Pressure
- Pre-Brew Delay / Amount
- Temperature Compensation
- Accounting System / Prices



Commercial Components Used:


Automatic Brew Group

  The Siena incorporates the same brew unit like the larger Commercial Models Ambiente and Celebration


  The brew chamber capacity is an incredible 18 grams allowing the brew group to brew 2 cups in a single brewing cycle.

Adjustable Grinder

Just like on the Ambiente and the Celebration, the high precision grinder ensures a consistent grind.
The adjustable coffee grinder is made of hardened alloy and ensures guaranteed performance throughout the life of the Siena. The low revolution grinder will not only limit the noise emission but also limit the production of dust particles.


Siena-2 Cappuccino Standard:


Single Step Cappuccino

The Siena is the only machine in its price class that can dispense foam and espresso simultaneously. 

The Siena Single Step Cappuccino Solution is truly the most advanced technology.


Single Step Cappuccino

The Siena can be programmed to dispense milk first and then espresso or espresso first and then milk or simultaneous espresso and milk together like the picture illustrates.

Double Products

Thanks to the 18g brew group, 2 products can be dispensed in a single brewing cycle. Just push the double button followed by any product button and the Siena will automatically dispense 2 products.

Cup Warmer

Place the cups on the cup warmer platform to ensure the cups are warm whenever needed.

DeLuxe Bean Hopper

The oval transparent bean hopper extension comes standard.

Siena Cappuccino Options:


Milk Refrigerator

The mini fridge can hold approximately 1L of milk.


Coin or Token Acceptor

The coin or token acceptor is ideal for self service applications.



Base Extension & Plumbing

The Siena can be plumbed in and hooked up to a drain hose.
The Siena is also available without the single step cappuccino system. Just use the traditional steam arm to foam milk.

The Opal and the Siena are the only machines enabling simultaneous brewing and steaming thanks to the independent real stainless steel boilers.

Customized self service panels are available to cover the programming buttons and display your POS graphics and Logo.


Technical Specifications:


Dimensions WxHxD:

310 x 415 x 395 mm


220V or 110V / 10A





Max Cup Height:

80 mm

Water Tank:

2.5 L or Plumbed-In

Bean Hopper:

250 g


The Opal, Siena and Siena-2 are perfect for mobile applications:


  • Office Coffee and Service
  • Corporate Lounge
  • Hotel Lounges
  • C-Store (Convenience Stores)
  • Casinos
  • Staff Rooms
  • Car Dealerships
  • Complimentary Coffee Corner
  • Coffee and Espresso Kiosk


Quick Links:

- Cleaning Supplies
- Spare Parts
- Compare Models

Please ask for the external water pump kit if the Siena-2 requires mobility and draw water from a remote water tank.

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