Espresso Machine Leasing and Renting

Espresso Machine Leasing and Renting
Conserve Your Cash 

Leasing allows you to conserve cash and leverage up the buying power of operating or capital budgets and overcome budget limitations. 

100% Financing 

Unlike other forms of financing such as a loan, you typically do not make any down payment on a lease and software, installation and warranty may be included.

Preserve Lines of Credit 

Valuable cash and lines of credit are preserved to grow your business - leasing allows you to maintain a steady budgeted cash flow.  No one in business experiences financial difficulty because they have too much cash on hand.

Potential Income Tax Benefits 

In many instances, leasing provides income tax benefits and the assets do not appear on the balance sheet. Debt to equity ratios are unaffected. Office equipment leases can be written off entirely as a rental expense. 

Match Expenses to Revenue

Leasing allows you to add extra equipment and accessories for very small monthly costs as part of the lease. As an example, you can add additional consumables or supplies and accessories up front into the lease to be carried over the long-term. This allows you to buy additional items or supplies you will need to maintain or use the equipment and cover them in the lease payments at present value.

No Pre-Payment of Taxes 

The GST and PST on rentals is paid over the term of the lease; you do not prepay these taxes in full up front.

Tailored Payments 

Repayment can be tailored to your cash flow and budgeting needs! Often the first 3 months payments are set to zero to allow the equipment to generate income.

Leasing is simple and quick...

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